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Nekos Oy – a true expert in materials handling

Nekos Oy is an expert in materials-handling systems, putting its solid technology competence and versatile knowledge of the industry to its customers' use.

We are confident that we can find the best solution for every customer's needs. We always base the project on the goal of improving the customer's in-house parcelled-goods logistics and usability. The fundamental principles of our operations include safety, eco-friendliness, quality, and improvement of the customer's operations. 

The main principles of our operations are:

  • We understand the customer's business processes and see where development is needed
  • We provide assistance for our customers when they make investment plans and decisions
  • Our operations are fast, positive, and innovative
  • We provide competitive system solutions and maintenance services
  • We deliver user-friendly systems
  • We attend to our customers' training and provide support

Our thoughts on safety

Safety is a key element in Nekos system products. To ensure safety, risks must be identified and their meaning assessed. We use the risk-assessment method specified in the BSI 8800 standard to evaluate risks.

In the field of safety issues, Nekos has co-operated closely with the Department of Safety Technology at the Tampere University of Technology.

The importance of the environment

We have implemented an environmental-risk-management programme that considers the following environmental issues:

  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Gas cylinders
  • Safety and communications
  • Waste oils
  • Energy use
  • Recycling of materials: waste management and avoiding unnecessary packing
  • Co-operation with customers: communication on environmental and safety issues, disposal of a used machine, and recycling of old equipment
  • The first-aid competence of the staff at the plant and in installation work
  • Management of environmental issues: being aware of requirements and acting accordingly

Long traditions

Nekalan Konepaja Oy was established in 1957 in Tampere. Nekomat Oy, which continued its traditions, is the oldest company in Finland specialising in materials handling.


Nekos Oy, Kuoppamäentie 11, FIN-33800 Tampere, Finland Tel. +358 424 10091
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