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A solution to match your needs

We base our operations on improving the customer's in-house parcelled-goods logistics as effectively as possible.

We plan a solution that fits your needs and improves the handling, packing, in-house logistics, and storage of parcelled goods, and we implement it with quality. The solution can include conveyor and storage systems; handling systems for plastic boxes, consumer packages, pallets, roll containers, and ;freight solutions; and robot palletisers and packing cells. Thanks to our extensive experience in the food industry, we can guarantee high hygiene levels and the manufacture of corrosion-resistant systems. In some cases, modernising the old system suffices, while in other situations planning a completely new system is a better option. The project delivery can include several, quite different kinds of solutions, implemented with different technologies.

Nekos is a reliable project supplier with extensive experience in

  • The product development of equipment and systems
  • Planning
  • Electrification and automation
  • Installation operations
  • Implementation and training  
  • The system's maintenance services


The construction of our equipment is planned carefully and meticulously. We use only well-known, high-quality brands as components in our structures, and our equipment always complies with the industrial safety regulations (it is CE-marked). Nekos has a comprehensive spare-parts and maintenance service,  Nekos-Service, that services equipment from all manufacturers.

Our deliveries always include

  • Complete documentation
  • Comprehensive induction training that improves safety and promotes smooth work processes

System deliveries – teamwork at its best

System deliveries require excellent, seamless co-operation. The core team includes the customer, experts from Nekos, and carefully selected subcontractors and other partners. Co-operation of experts from a range of fields guarantees the best possible end result.

Investment in total quality

Our quality management system is constantly being developed, in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and security experts at the Tampere University of Technology. We aim for continuously increasing customer satisfaction. Our quality-related goals apply to all operations, not just the products.

Quality indicators include

  • Reliable delivery of the equipment
  • Remaining on schedule
  • Making clear promises and keeping them
  • Flexibility

Please ask for more information!

Nekos-Service – maintenance that works

Our quick and reliable Nekos-Service provides extensive maintenance services. We service equipment from all manufacturers active in the market.



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