Our Nekos plastic crate handling systems are the perfect solution for efficient handling of plastic crates at production sites. Automation of crate handling frees up valuable resources for other tasks. It clarifies and enhances the production site’s internal material flow and use of space, as well as increasing efficiency, reliability and safety of production.

The Nekos system is based on modular thinking: the equipment that we use forms independent units. This makes the system flexible and easy to adapt to changing needs.

1. Receiving

Plastic crates are typically returned to the production site in stacks. These stacks of crates could be on pallets, dollies or standing directly on the ground. The conveyors for receiving crate stacks are designed so that transferring stacks into the system is as easy as possible. The feeder conveyors are equipped with stack height control.

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2. Stacking and destacking

In order to make transportation and storage more efficient, crates are handled in stacks. The stacks of crates are destacked into single crates for washing and packing. Crates are stacked and destacked with stackers and destackers. The most suitable model will be chosen with consideration for site and capacity. The same machine can both stack and destack.

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3. Transport

We choose the most technically suitable and cost-effective conveyor solution for each customer’s needs. The choice of conveyor type is influenced by the product’s outer measurements and weight, the required speed and directions of movement, as well as constraints set by the environment.

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4. Washing

A crate washing machine pre-washes, washes, rinses and dries the crates. In order to achieve the best washing and drying results, the water used for washing is heated up. Usually, the washing machine also has an automatic detergent dispensing system.

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5. Storage

LT Storage, Nekos’ own storage system, optimises use of floor area and maximises storage capacity and performance. Stacks are placed in successive rows directly on the storage space floor.

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6. Packing point

The Nekos packing and stacking line is a user-friendly, flexible solution that makes heavy packing work easier. Empty plastic crates and products meet in exactly the right way at the packing point. The user’s only tasks are to arrange the products in the crate and send the crate onwards for stacking.

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