LT Storage (Logistic Tote Storage) is a system for storing plastic crate stacks. Its speciality is placing stacks into successive rows directly on the storage space floor.

LT Storage is typically used as a buffer to even out the flow of arriving and departing plastic crates. The advantages of LT Storage are superior utilisation of floor area, large storage capacity, and excellent performance and reliability. Watch video.

LT varasto

When conveyors do not take up floor area so that crates can be stored directly on the floor, the empty storage space is much easier to keep clean. LT Storage can achieve a greater storage capacity than traditional storage systems on an area of the same size. LT Storage is suitable even for low spaces and can also be built on a mezzanine. It typically only requires 650mm of room height in addition to stack height.


1. Longitudinal conveyor

A fixed longitudinal conveyor feeds arriving crates into a mobile cross conveyor (2) or feeds them out when unloading.

2. Cross conveyor

The cross conveyor moves when the storage fills up or empties out, and feeds stacks to the manipulator (3) and vice versa.

3. Manipulator

The manipulator lifts the stacks from the cross conveyor (2) to the floor and vice versa. By using both sides of the storage alternatively for loading and unloading, we can create a continuous cycle in the storage.


LT Storage will always be designed to suit your needs and space. It will be built with existing Nekos modules, and can be connected to a larger crate handling system. The system will be delivered in painted or stainless steel according to your wishes. The LT Storage solution is both flexible and easy to expand or move.


The storage operates completely automatically. As the system consists of few parts, it consumes fewer natural resources and less energy, and has lower maintenance costs.

nekos LT -varasto

The adaptability, usability and affordability of LT Storage makes it an ideal alternative for the needs of many industries. In the past twenty years, we have successfully adapted our solution to the food, trade and logistics industries. LT Storage is an internationally known and patented system.