Nekos Service specialises in maintenance services for storage, sorting and conveyor systems.

We consider it an honour to take great care of the systems we have delivered throughout their entire lifespan. Our comprehensive maintenance services provide quick and reliable support in the event of a malfunction or fault. We also provide expert maintenance services for any equipment supplied by our competitors.    


Nekos Service ensures that the performance reliability and development of your production equipment are maintained effortlessly.

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Mechanical advance maintenance includes:
  • Inspection of functions
  • Necessary adjustments, to conveyor belts, for example 
  • Lubrication and cleaning, where necessary
  • Visual inspection of the condition, deformation and wear of parts
  • Inspection of gear noises and leaks
  • Inspection of sensor attachments
  • Inspection of engines’ running noises
  • Specification of spare parts requirements
  • Inspection of documents
Automation advance maintenance includes:
  • Inspection of functions
  • Inspection and testing of safety circuits
  • Visual inspection of cables
  • Inspection of control centres
  • Specification of spare parts requirements
  • Inspection of documents

Please contact us to discuss your maintenance needs. Together, we can create a maintenance programme that best suits your requirements.


We ensure the availability of spare parts

We are thoroughly familiar with equipment in our field. We will provide the correct spare part as soon as possible, and if needed, we can also install it for you.

With the help of our spare parts service, you can reduce your inventory and decrease investment and maintenance costs.

Quick and easy to order

Make the order quickly and effortlessly by emailing or calling us.



Modernisation increases productivity

When modernising a system already in use, we extend its lifespan by renewing its functions and parts where necessary, acting as cost-effectively as possible.

Reasons for modernisation include:
  • Enhancing capacity and productivity by increasing the degree of automation, for example
  • Improving product quality, or making changes to accommodate a new product
  • Decreasing maintenance needs by improving availability of spare parts and reducing malfunctions
  • Fulfilling environmental requirements
  • Improving usability
  • Improving safety
  • Improving ergonomics

Any previous risk assessment of the system will be reassessed with regard to the changes made. The equipment documentation will be updated and safety features will be inspected at the same time.

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We provide a comprehensive range of services to support you through the product’s entire lifespan. Our support services will bring you additional value and safety. Please contact us for more information about:

  • Safety improvements
  • Condition assessment
  • Alarm service
  • Programming
  • Training
  • Remote support service
  • Technical advisory service