Data controller

Nekos Oy
Business ID: 2736234-3
Address: Kuoppamäentie 11, 33800 Tampere

Contact person for data control issues

Name: Jaakko Laihorinne
Phone number: +358 400624695

Processing of personal information

We comply with the data protection regulations in force in Finland. We process the personal information (such as name, email address, phone number) of our clients and of those who give consent in accordance with current legislation. We mainly collect personal information directly from users when they sign up to a newsletter or fill in a form, for instance.

Opportunity to opt out

If a user does not wish us or our partners to target advertising or content according to their on-line behaviour, the user can prevent this by denying cookies in their browser settings. In mobile devices, certificates, the equivalent of cookies, can be cleared in the device settings. By deleting cookies or certificates regularly, the user can change the identifiers which form the user’s profile. However, clearing cookies does not completely stop the collection of data, but it resets the profile based on earlier behaviour data.